Why is the Black Eyed Susan the featured cocktail at the Preakness? (2023)

BALTIMORE – And so the troubled sport of horse racing came on a warm and still May Saturday to crumbling old Pimlico Race Course, to have itself defined at the distant extremes of grief and euphoria by a pair of three-year-old bay colts, bought for a total of $700,000 by separate groups of people with very big dreams and even bigger means.

One horse named Havnameltdown, whose ankle snapped in flight, and who was put to death in the deep dirt on the far turn, behind an impotent black screen that shielded neither humans nor horses from the reality of the moment, while party music thundered in the background, and who was carted away in a big white wagon that’s always called a horse ambulance even though sometimes it’s a horse hearse. It was as bad as it gets.

And one named National Treasure, who more than five hours later went to the lead straight from the starting gate in the 148th running of the Preakness, the middle jewel of racing’s Triple Crown, a good horse who nevertheless had won just one of his five races, with a slender – even more slender than most – 51-year-old jockey named John Velazquez straddling his back, making magic with his soft hands in pursuit of victory in one of the few great American races he had not already won. Together, man and horse navigating the oval as if trying not to make any noise, doling out speed and effort only as it was needed until in the end there was just enough to hold off Blazing Sevens in a sensational stretch duel, part race and rodeo, and relegate Kentucky Derby winner Mage to third place, meaning that there will be no Triple Crown on the line in the June 10 Belmont Stakes. It was as good as it gets.

And. There was more. Impossibly more, because context is everything and on Saturday at Pimlico there was more context than beer.

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Both Havnameltdown’s death, statistically barely significant, yet in the moment both powerfully meaningful, gutting and likely unforgettable for most who witnessed it; and National Treasure’s victory came 14 days after the Derby, in which Mage’s win came at the end of 10 days in which seven horses died at Churchill Downs, and a record five were scratched from the body of the race, the most in nearly a century. The sport was reeling.

And the kicker: Both Havnameltdown and National Treasure are – well, were and are – trained by Bob Baffert, the 70-year-old, white-haired, shades-wearing Californian who less than a decade ago was the face, voice, and substance of racing, the sport riding on his shoulders, with two Triple Crowns – American Pharoah in 2015, ending a 37-year-drought; and Justify in 2018. But who, with the disqualification of Medina Spirit, crossed the finish line first in the 2021 Derby but failed a post-race drug test (this is all still in litigation), as the most recent in a series of drug positives and questionable explanations (which he still stands by), became the face, instead, of a sport in deep trouble.

Which is why, 55 minutes before the starting gate opened for the Preakness, Baffert stood outdoors in fading sunlight, near National Treasure’s stall in the Preakness stakes barn, and said, “This… game… is… brutal.” And… complicated. (Keep reading). He watched the Preakness from Pimlico’s ancient indoor saddling paddock, where he had watched on a small, 1990’s vintage TV as the track washed away in a thunderstorm minutes before Pharoah’s victory; and where on the same little screen he struggled to find Justify running through the fog three years later. There is a bigger TV now, mounted high on a wall. But Baffert seemed somehow and almost purposefully smaller, his reputation (although not the power of his stable) diminished by the events of the last three years even as he fights to recapture it. (The long-delayed Horse Racing Safety and Integrity Act – HISA – goes into effect Monday, just in the nick of time, or much too late. We’ll see.)

Baffert was flanked by two of the sons who were often with him on the Triple Crown runs: Bode, 18; and Forrest, 33. “My boys,” Baffert would say after the race (he has two other sons, and a daughter). His wife, Jill, was nearby. Much of the scene could have been clipped from ’15 or ’18, but that is misleading, because nothing is the same as in those years (not for Baffert, not for those who have chronicled his work, and not for the sport, writ large, all of whom are scarred). And the memory of Havnameltdown hung in the air.

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It was five-and-a half-hours earlier, in the sixth race, when Havnameltdown, a 3-year-old bay colt making his first start in three months, and favored at 4-5 odds to win the Chick Lang Stakes, a six-furlong sprint, moved astride Ryvit exiting at the far turn leaving the three-eighths pole, as the crowd rose for the pitched battle soon to follow. Baffert had already won a race on the card, a dominant four-length victory by Arabian Lion in the fourth race. This looked to be another one. “He was rolling,” Baffert would say later. “Looked like he was going to win.” Abruptly, Havnameltdown bobbled once, and then twice, his head dipping awkwardly toward the earth – always an ominous sign – before pitching hideously forward, heaving jockey Luis Saez over his neck and onto the track, and then trying to do the thing for which he was given life: To run. But he did not run. He staggered. The crowd gasped as one, another sound that once heard, is never forgotten.

Two ambulances arrived, a small one for the jockey and a big one for the horse. As W.C. Heinz wrote 74 years ago in the too-often quoted and stubbornly relevant Death Of A Racehorse, “There was a station wagon moving around the track toward them, and then, in a moment, the big green van that they call the horse ambulance.” Those two makeshift black curtains were held up by track workers, ostensibly – to create a barrier between the audience and the activity, which is that Havnameltdown was found to have a “non-operable left fore fetlock injury,” (in human terms, a severely broken ankle) and was euthanized. Saez was taken to the hospital reporting leg pain; Baffert said later that Saez is “okay.”

We are just devastated. This is a shock to everyone at our barn who love and care for these horses every day. Hanvameltdown was obviously hit pretty hard coming out of the gate. We don’t know if that contributed to the injury, but we will be fully transparent with those…

— Bob Baffert (@BobBaffert) May 20, 2023

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There was a time – not that long ago – when a breakdown might have played more like an inconvenience. That time has passed, and the world has grown more sensitive to racing’s central paradox: Horses do not choose to race, and sometimes die (although there has been improvement in the last decade, from more than two deaths per one thousand starts, to 1.25 last year; it will never be zero).Havnameltdown’s death threw a pall over the day. Baffert said, “It’s the most sickening feeling a trainer can have. And we grieve when it happens. You just hate to go back and see that empty stall. We will feel bad about it for a while.” Baffert’s grief is surely real. But the larger reality is that Baffert will have to earn back trust in areas of horse safety and welfare from a large part of the public. He (and his wife) will view that as unfair, and time may prove it so. But this is today’s reality.

After Medina Spirit’s Derby DQ (again, still in the courts, and Baffert could eventually win. The outcome might lie years in the future), Baffert was handed a laundry list of punishments, including a two-year ban from the Derby (which he has won six – or seven – times), and a ban last year from all three Triple Crown races. The Preakness was Baffert’s return to the sport’s biggest stage, and that narrative was no less central than Mage’s attempt to win the second leg of the Triple Crown. Poor Mage.

Just seven horses started the Preakness, the smallest field since 1986; Mage was the only Kentucky Derby starter to roll back in the Preakness, the first time that’s happened since Triple Crown winner Citation was the only Derby winner that started in the 1948 Preakness. None of this will be engraved on the trophy. Mage went off as the 8-5 favorite; National Treasure was 3-1.

Velazquez started National Treasure from the inside post, never a good spot, but less damning in such a small field. National Treasure had raced five times, but just once since January, a dull fourth-place finish in the April 8 Santa Anita Derby, a key Kentucky Derby prep. He seemed to be a respectable, but unspectacular colt. Johnny V, as he is known in the game, nudged National Treasure into the lead and several paths out from the rail, forcing others to pass wide or risk an inside move. Then he nursed the pace: 23.95 seconds for the first quarter, 48.92 for a half-mile, a crawling 1:13.49 for three quarters. “I knew there wasn’t a lot of speed,” said Velazquez. “So I pumped it to the outside and if those other horses wanted to go faster, I would let them go.”

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None did, a miscalculation that left National Treasure in control of the race. Longshot Coffeewithchris ran with him early. Mage dawdled in fourth, not challenging. “No speed in the race, horses were going easy,” said Gustavo Delgado, Jr. assistant to his father, who trains Mage. “Those horses, you don’t beat them with that pace.”

It was Blazing Sevens who made the big run. Ridden by reigning Eclipse Award winner Irad Ortiz Jr. and trained by two-time Preakness winner Chad Brown, Blazing Sevens hooked National Treasure in the stretch, and they bumped each other several times, rough riding; but could not pass. “The key was Johnny slowing the pace on the backstretch,” said Ortiz. “Just could not get past him.”

National Treasure dipped his head at the wire, stretching what looked like a nose to a very short, official head. In the dank, dark paddock, Baffert threw his head back and was embraced by his sons. Over against a wall, Jill Baffert wept. It was a nice moment, in a very small bottle, a slice of what had been and what makes the sport breathe. But it was just a moment, while Havnameltdown is just a memory. Much work lies ahead.

Tim Layden is writer-at-large for NBC Sports. He was previously a senior writer at Sports Illustrated for 25 years.

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What is Black-Eyed Susan Day at Preakness? ›

Black-Eyed Susan Day at Pimlico Racecourse meant the return of timeless traditions, from betting to flashy fashion. It's the eve of the main event, the Preakness Stakes. But locals and visitors, alike, showed out on Friday, even if it meant playing hooky.

How much is a Black-Eyed Susan at the Preakness? ›

A new first time feature the PREAKNESS ALL STAKES PICK 5 WAGER which combines races from the Black-Eyed Susan Day card, with the Preakness Day card. This wager has a $.50 minimum bet value, a takeout of 12% and is “conducted” on its own card, event code PIS.

What is the history of the Black-Eyed Susan cocktail? ›

Brief History

Legend has it that the Black Eyed Susan was first created in honor of the Preakness Stakes, which is a horse race held annually in Baltimore, Maryland. It is said that the cocktail was named after the state flower of Maryland, the black eyed Susan.

What is the signature for the Preakness? ›

Since 1952, the race, originally known as the Pimlico Oaks, has borne the name of Maryland's state flower, and the Black-Eyed Susan is also the signature cocktail of Preakness weekend.

Are the Black-Eyed Susans real at the Preakness? ›

Fun fact: The florists do not use Black-eyed Susan flowers because those don't start blooming until the end of June. Instead, they use viking mums, which are also larger.

Why is it called Black-eyed Susan Day? ›

Black-Eyed Susan Day –The Ultimate Girl's Day Out, kicks everything off on Friday with the Black-Eyed Susan race. One of Pimlico's oldest stakes races, the first race was run in 1919 at Pimlico Oaks. The name was changed in 1952 to compliment Preakness and the Maryland state flower.

Who won the 2023 Black-Eyed Susan? ›

And for most of the 1 1/8 miles, Hoosier Philly looked like the best horse on the track. She led the vast majority of the race, going to the front of the pack early on, but Taxed made her move toward the top of the stretch and ran down Hoosier Philly for the win.

How much does jockey of Preakness make? ›

How much do the jockeys get paid at Preakness Stakes? The winning jockey is estimated to bag at least 10% of the final earnings. So a first place jockey is expected to take home $90,000 of the $900,000 winnings.

Who won the 2023 Black-Eyed Susan race? ›

2023 Preakness: Taxed wins 99th George E. Mitchell Black-Eyed Susan Stakes.

What is considered America's oldest cocktail? ›

Peychaud used Sazerac De Forge et Fils brand of cognac, an Absinthe rinse, sugar, and his house-made bitters. Peychaud called his concoction the Sazerac Cocktail because of the spirit he used and the vessel he served it in. Therefore the Sazerac Cocktail created by Peychaud, is known as the oldest cocktail in America.

What is the oldest cocktail in history? ›

What was the first ever cocktail? Accounts differ, but most experts agree that the first cocktail was the Sazerac, a blend of whisky, absinthe, bitters and sugar. Created in New Orleans in the mid-1800s, this is one of the first cocktails recognisable by name and remains a favourite to this day.

Why was it named cocktail? ›

In a Mexican tavern, English sailors noticed that mixed drinks were stirred with the root of a plant known as cola de gallo, or in English 'cock's tail': the sailors brought the name to England, and thence to the US. Coquetel was a term for a mixed drink in Bordeaux, which rapidly became 'cocktail' in America.

What items are prohibited at the Preakness? ›

Items that are prohibited from the entire race course:
  • Drugs or weapons of any kind;
  • glass containers of any type;
  • tents;
  • hibachis or barbecues;
  • ladders, scaffolding or other raised devices;
  • bulk or oversized carrying devices;
  • non-folding, or folding, metal furniture;
  • hand carts, or wheeled carts;
May 18, 2018

How much does it cost to win the Preakness? ›

This year's Preakness Stakes purse is $1.5 million. That's the same amount as last year's race but a $500,000 increase on the $1 million purse handed out in 2021.

What does it cost to enter a horse in the Preakness? ›

If you go in the Preakness or Belmont, it is $10,000 to enter and another $10,000 to start for each of those races.

What is the official flower of the Preakness? ›

Instead of roses, the Preakness winner is draped with a blanket of black-eyed Susans, the Maryland state flower.

What Preakness horse broke his leg? ›

Horse euthanized on track after injury during Preakness race, jockey taken to hospital. BALTIMORE (AP) — A horse trained by Bob Baffert was euthanized on the track after going down with a left front leg injury and unseating his jockey during a race on the Preakness undercard on Saturday.

What race is Black-Eyed Susan? ›

Black-Eyed Susan Stakes
"The Second Jewel of the Filly Triple Crown"
LocationPimlico Race Course, Baltimore, Maryland United States
Inaugurated1919 as Pimlico Oaks
Race typeThoroughbred - Flat racing
Race information
8 more rows

What does the Susan flower symbolize? ›

Black-eyed Susan flowers represent justice. They are seen as a symbol of encouragement and motivation. Black eyed Susans are used as a way to remind one to turn around bad habits. It is a symbol of encouragement to stay on a path of wellbeing and pursue what is best for them.

What does Lazy Susan flower symbolize? ›

Black-eyed Susan flowers have been used in various cultures and traditions to symbolize encouragement, motivation, and endurance.

What is the meaning of the flowers Black Eyed Susan? ›

The Black-eyed Susan is the symbol of encouragement. Considering its history of adaptability when it traveled from west to east, this is obviously a plant that in its determination to survive will bloom where it's planted. And if there is one thing gardeners need, especially around mid-August, it's encouragement.

Who won the Black Eyed Susan today? ›

Rafael Bejarano, atop Taxed, wins the 98th running of the Black-Eyed Susan Friday at Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore.

Where is the Preakness 2023? ›

The 2023 Preakness Stakes was the 148th Preakness Stakes, a Grade I stakes race for three-year-old Thoroughbreds at a distance of 13⁄16 miles (1.9 km). The race is one leg of the American Triple Crown and is held annually at Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore, Maryland.

Which race is the Preakness 2023? ›

2023 Winner

Bob Baffert-trained National Treasure won the 148th running of the Preakness Stakes at Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore on Saturday, thwarting Mage's bid to win the Triple Crown.

Do jockeys get a salary? ›

How much does a Jockey make? The average salary for a jockey in the United States is $52,645. Jockey salaries typically range between $35,000 and $77,000 a year.

Who is the richest jockey in the world? ›

Yutaka Take

How much does a jockey get paid to ride a horse? ›

Prize Money

The percentages a jockey receives for a Thoroughbred race range from 5% for a second- or third-place finish to 10% for first place. In less competitive races, the jockey's earnings can be as low as 0.50% for a third-place finish, 1% for placing second and perhaps 6%-10% for first place.

What state is the Black-Eyed Susan? ›


The Black-Eyed Susan (Rudbeckia hirta) has been the official Maryland flower since 1918 when it was designated the "Floral Emblem" of Maryland by the General Assembly (Chapter 458, Acts of 1918; Code General Provisions Article, sec.

What time is the Black-Eyed Susan race 2023? ›

Pate, Frosty O Toole, and Miracle all scratched. Post time for the $300,000 race is 5:44 p.m. ET. With several lightly raced horses entering the starting gate on Friday, you'll want to see what racing insider and Beyer Speed Figure maker Bob Weir has to say before making any Black-Eyed Susan Stakes picks.

What race is the Preakness at Pimlico? ›

The Preakness Stakes is an American thoroughbred horse race held on Armed Forces Day which is also the third Saturday in May each year at Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore, Maryland.

Why do you put an egg white in a whiskey sour? ›

Bartenders use egg whites in cocktails, like the whiskey sour, to give it a rich, creamy texture along with a smooth head of foam.

What is the most ordered cocktail in America? ›

1. Margarita. The classic Margarita cocktail has been one of the most popular cocktails in America for years and still remains on top. While there are many variations, the traditional recipe consists of tequila, Triple Sec and lime juice.

What was the most ordered cocktail in the world? ›

The 10 Most Popular Cocktails
  • Old Fashioned. The Old Fashioned was invented by James E. ...
  • Moscow Mule. Sophie Berezinski and her father owned a copper factory in Russia. ...
  • Negroni. The Negroni was invented at Caffe Casoni in Florence, Italy in 1919. ...
  • Mojito. ...
  • Whiskey Sour. ...
  • Daiquiri. ...
  • Margarita. ...
  • Mai Tai.

What is the oldest popular alcohol? ›

Dating back thousands of years, mead is an alcoholic beverage created by fermenting honey with water, sometimes with various fruits or spices. It was once thought to be the drink of the gods, falling from the Heavens as dew and then gathered by bees. Mead was also believed to improve health and prolong life.

What was the most popular cocktail in the 1950s? ›

What cocktails were popular in the 1950s? Popular cocktails from the 1950s include the Manhattan, Old Fashioned, Martini, Daiquiri, and Gin Fizz.

What was the most popular cocktail in the 1920s? ›

Tom Collins. One of the best 1920s cocktails: the Tom Collins! This nostalgic cocktail is about as classic as it gets. This tall highball drink is a essentially gin sour, a sweet and sour drink made with gin.

What cocktail is named after a gun? ›

According to Ted Haigh (aka Dr. Cocktail), the French 75 is one of two cocktails named after the French 75-mm field gun, which was commonly used in World War I.

What is cocktail slang for? ›

Alcohol Mixed with Other Drugs

A few slang terms for alcoholic drinks mixed with other substances include: Drug cocktail.

What cocktail is named after horses? ›

Dating back to the late 19th century, a Horse's Neck was originally a refreshing glass of nonalcoholic ginger ale, and a jigger of bourbon, rye or brandy was added somewhere down the line. This two-ingredient cocktail is an easy-to-make crowd pleaser, especially for those who like an exaggerated garnish.

Why is rich steak not running in the Preakness? ›

The choice to skip the Preakness was made in the interest of rest and recovery for the horse, Dawson said. "Obviously, with our tremendous effort and win in the Derby it's very, very tempting to alter our course & run in the Preakness at Pimlico, which would be a great honor for all our group," Dawson said.

Why didn t Rich Strike enter the Preakness? ›

Owner Rick Dawson said in a statement: "Our original plan for Rich Strike was contingent on the KY Derby, should we not run in the Derby we would point toward the Preakness, should we run in the Derby, subject to the race outcome & the condition of our horse, we would give him more recovery time & rest and run in the ...

What do girls wear to the Preakness? ›

It's important to dress the part, be glamorous. The Preakness is a time to “dress up”. Ladies and gentlemen should dress like Ladies and Gentlemen. You can still wear a beautiful derby style hat to the Preakness as long as you remember the most important part of your outfit is your dress or suit.

Who owns the Preakness? ›

Pimlico Race Course
Preakness in May 2022
Location5201 Park Heights Avenue Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.
Owned byStronach Group
Date opened1870
Screened onNBC (Preakness Stakes)
6 more rows

Why is it called the Preakness? ›

The Preakness was established at Pimlico in 1873 and was named after the horse that won the Dinner Party Stakes at the track in its opening year, 1870.

How old are the horses in the Preakness? ›

Like the Crown's other two jewels, the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness, the Belmont is contested solely by 3-year-old horses. Why is there such a strict age limit, especially considering that older thoroughbreds often run faster? The predominance of 3-year-olds dates back to the early days of organized English racing.

Why are there only 7 horses in the Preakness 2023? ›

Preakness Stakes contender First Mission was scratched Friday due to a left-hind issue, leaving just seven horses set to race on Saturday. First Mission had the second-best odds to win the Preakness behind Kentucky Derby winner Mage.

How much does it cost to attend the Kentucky Derby? ›

Indeed, those interested in attending can visit Derby Experiences to see a variety of packages combining Derby and Oaks seats with access to exclusive lounges, hotels, transportation, accommodations and more. At the time of writing package prices ranged from roughly $1,270 to $7,370 per person.

How much is a Derby horse worth? ›

Derby horse price tags

A look at the auction prices for each horse in the Kentucky Derby field: Tapit Trice — $1,300,000. Kingsbarns — $800,000. Reincarnate — $775,000.

What horse race is the Black-Eyed Susan? ›

Black-Eyed Susan Stakes
"The Second Jewel of the Filly Triple Crown"
LocationPimlico Race Course, Baltimore, Maryland United States
Inaugurated1919 as Pimlico Oaks
Race typeThoroughbred - Flat racing
Race information
8 more rows

What day is Black-Eyed Susan Day? ›

Black-Eyed Susan Day is a chance to break out the fashion, the wallets, and of course the hats, before the chaos of Preakness day begins. The iconic Black-Eyed Susan cocktail at the Black-Eyed Susan Day at Pimlico on May 19, 2023.

What horse won the Black-Eyed Susan? ›

Taxed raced to an upset victory in the Black-Eyed Susan Stakes on Friday, closing strong for a convincing win over Hoosier Philly and Faiza. Claimed by owner Richard Bahde last year for $50,000, Taxed won this $300,000 race at Pimlico by 3 3/4 lengths over Hoosier Philly.

How many races are on Black-Eyed Susan Day? ›

Black-Eyed Susan Day Dates & Schedule

The event takes place in mid-May, two weeks after the Kentucky Oaks and Kentucky Derby. Events that take place throughout the day include 14 horse races, handicapping seminars, book signings and the Hooves & Heels fashion event.

What horse breed is born black then turns white? ›

Gray horses, including Lipizzans, are born with a pigmented coat—in Lipizzans, foals are usually bay or black—and become lighter each year as the graying process takes place, with the process being complete between 6 and 10 years of age. Lipizzans are not actually true white horses, but this is a common misconception.

What are female racing horses called? ›

Female racehorses are called fillies until they're four; then they are mares.

What race horse goes missing? ›

Exactly 30 years ago, kidnappers broke into the Ballymany Stud in the Republic of Ireland and stole the champion racehorse, Shergar. What happened to the animal remains a mystery. Shergar was the most famous, and most valuable, racehorse in the world.

How long is the Black-Eyed Susan race? ›

Before the Preakness on Saturday, horse racing action gets started with the Black-Eyed Susan Stakes, a Grade 2, 1 1/8 mile race for three-year-old fillies. 2023 marks the 99th running of the high-profile event.

What horse has won the most money? ›

Golden Sixty becomes the highest-earning horse in history with Champions Mile hat-trick. Golden Sixty became the highest-earning racehorse in history at Sha Tin on Sunday afternoon, taking out the Group One FWD Champions Mile for a record third straight time.

Has a gray horse ever won the Triple Crown? ›

Horses come in all shapes, colors and sizes. Some have pronounced blazes or unique patterns. But most of the horses — and winners — in the Kentucky Derby tend to be bay or chestnut. Only eight gray or roan horses have ever won the first leg of the Triple Crown.

What is the name of the horse with the fastest time to ever have won the derby with a time of 1 minute and 59 seconds? ›

The course record was set in 1973 by Secretariat, who finished in 1:59 2/5.

What's the meaning of Preakness? ›

[ preek-nis ] SHOW IPA. / ˈprik nɪs / PHONETIC RESPELLING. Trademark. a horse race for three-year-olds run annually two weeks after the Kentucky Derby at Pimlico in Baltimore, Md.: the second race in the Triple Crown.

Why is it called Ladies Day at the races? ›

Gold Cup Day is colloquially known as 'Ladies' Day'. The term seems to be have been first used in 1823, when an anonymous poet described the Thursday of the Royal Meeting as"Ladies' Day… when the women, like angels, look sweetly divine." Today a dress code underpins the sartorial elegance of the occasion. Artist, 1837.

Where is the Black-Eyed Susan located? ›

This Black-eyed susan is native to the central US from Wisconsin to Texas. It grows to only about 4 ½ ft, and its flowers are distinguished by blunt tips on each petal.


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