What are the Best Sleep Sacks for Babies in 2023? (2023)

As a loving parent, you know that nothing compares to the sight of your precious baby sleeping soundly, snuggled in a cozy cocoon of warmth and comfort. You long for the peace of mind that comes with knowing your little one is safe and secure as they drift into dreamland. And for that, you need the best sleep sack for babies.

With more options on the market than ever before, though, this is easier said than done. How can you tell which products have been created with your little one’s health and wellness in mind - filtering out the products that will fall short of expectations and leave you disappointed?

That’s where Caden Lane comes in to save the day. We’re going to help you feel confident choosing the best sleep sack for newborns here in this guide. Whether you’re going with a sleep sack from the moment you bring your baby home or you’re preparing to transition your baby out of the swaddle, you’re not going to want to miss out on this one!

The perfect bamboo sleep sack for baby is here in our catalog just waiting to be discovered. And our goal today is to help you find it. So below, we’ll highlight what separates the best toddler sleep sacks from the rest - and how our incredible formulation checks all these boxes and then some.

Towards the end of this conversation, we’ll share a few of our personal favorites to point you in the right direction. First, let’s talk about what a difference having the best baby sleep sacks can make in your parenting arsenal.

Why You Need the Best Toddler Sleep Sacks

Navigating the world of toddler sleep can be a rollercoaster ride filled with sleepless nights. After just a few weeks, you’re left yearning for a consistent sleep schedule.

The challenges that come with getting your baby to sleep soundly are no secret. Midnight wake-up calls and restless tossing and turning can make it difficult for both you and your little one to get the rest you need.

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But despite what you may have been led to believe, it actually doesn’t have to be this way. That's where the best toddler sleep sacks come in, offering a solution to help establish and maintain a consistent sleep schedule for your child.

Chances are, you’re looking for the best sleep sack for newborns because your little one has outgrown the swaddling phase. As discussed in our article on how long to swaddle a baby for, coming to grips with the fact that you have to move on from your parenthood superpower - swaddling - is tough.

However, a sleep sack offers many of the same benefits as a newborn swaddle wrap. While it isn’t quite as restrictive, you’re still able to get your little one cocooned and cozy - helping ease them into a deep, restful state of sleep.

With that said, these benefits are only possible when you take the time to research and buy the best baby sleep sacks possible. But before we introduce you to our personal favorites at Caden Lane, it’s important that you have a solid grasp of what separates the best from the rest….

What Separates the Best Sleep Sacks for Babies From the Rest?

By keeping the following criteria in mind as you head out on this journey to uncover the best toddler sleep sacks, you can feel confident and avoid any sort of letdowns when your products show up at your doorstep. First things first - you cannot overlook the importance of materials!

Gentle, Skin-Safe Materials That You and Your Little One Approve of

Doing some research into what goes into most fabrics these days would leave you flabbergasted and concerned. The last thing you want is to wrap your baby up in materials that could agitate their skin - or worse.

That’s why you should stick with bamboo - but more specifically, an ultra-soft bamboo viscose fabric in a 1.0 TOG (thermal overall grade). This TOG rating is perfect for year-round use - ensuring your child is comfy and cozy without the risk of being too warm. It’s the sweet spot between two extremes that will have them cooing in bliss before dozing off to a dreamy state.

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Proper Fit That Allows for the Utmost Comfort and Grows With Your Kid

A top-quality sleep sack boasts a proper fit that not only offers optimal comfort but also grows with your child. After all, it seems as if you blink and they’ve outgrown their little baby gowns or baby footie pajamas. In considering how expensive parenthood is, you want to make sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck.

Adjustable features ensure the sleep sack can be customized to fit your baby snugly and securely, reducing the risk of any sleep-related hazards. As your baby grows, these sleep sacks adapt, providing long-lasting comfort and safety during this precious stage of development.

Smart Zipper Designs to Minimize Rubbing/Discomfort

Innovative zipper designs are a hallmark of the best toddler sleep sacks. These smart zippers are carefully positioned to minimize rubbing and discomfort, ensuring your baby stays comfortable and unbothered throughout the night. No more midnight fussing due to pesky zippers - just uninterrupted, restful sleep for your little one.

Easy to Clean Without Degradation of Material

Parenting is messy, and the best newborn sleep sacks are designed with this in mind. They’re carefully crafted to be easy to clean, maintaining their quality and appearance even after numerous washes. No fading, no pilling, no tearing.

With the best baby sleep sacks, you'll no longer have to worry about material degradation or a decrease in comfort - your baby's sleep sack will remain as good as new. Just be sure to have a few of these on hand for those emergency laundry situations - you never know what your child is going to throw your way!

Adorable Designs That Delight You and Your Child

Of course, the best toddler sleep sacks are not just about comfort and safety. They also feature adorable designs that delight both you and your child.

Let’s be honest…part of the fun of parenting is showing off your precious little bundle of joy to friends, family, and anyone else who has the pleasure of seeing your uploads on social media. And, these photos are going to be looked back on for decades to come.


With a wide variety of charming colors, these sleep sacks add a touch of joy and personality to your baby's sleep routine, making bedtime something to look forward to for the whole family.

So, What are the Best Sleep Sacks for Babies in 2023?

That’s a lot to look for in a sleep sack…but what if we told you that the perfect solution was here at Caden Lane waiting for you?

No need to compromise on any of the factors that matter most to you. Our product line checks all these boxes and then some. Here’s a bit more information on why you can count on us for the best baby sleep sacks online…

Why Caden Lane is Your Trusted Source for the Best Sleep Sacks for Newborns & Toddlers Alike

As parents ourselves, we dealt with our fair share of frustration and disappointment in searching for a sleep sack that was up to our standards. So, we decided to do something about it for other parents - combining our passion for design with all things baby! This resulted in the #1 selection of adjustable bamboo sleep sacks the industry has to offer.

Across our lineup, you’ll find adorable designs you’re eager to snap a photo of your baby all bundled up in. Better yet, these are reversible so you can keep things fresh and avoid getting bored with the same old colors. Here are a few of the most popular colors available:

  • Mauve
  • Olive
  • Petal
  • Moss
  • Emerald
  • Stone
  • Dusty Blue
  • Dusty Purple
  • Dark Navy
  • Light Dusty Blue
  • Light Lavender

But, most importantly, we’ve taken what was already our world-famous buttery soft bamboo and made it even better. The 1.0 TOG fabric is a perfect year-round choice for newborns 12-18 months. And with shoulder snaps, these sleep sacks accommodate toddlers of different lengths. They can grow with your child, helping you get the most out of this purchase.

Plus, we’ve designed these products with practicality in mind. With a side zipper for a fully opening sleep sack, those late-night diaper changes are quick and easy. We’re confident you’ll agree these are the best baby sleep sacks - but you don’t just have to take our word for it. They’ve been approved by kids and parents alike…

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They’re Kid & Parent Approved - and You Don’t Have to Just Take Our Word for it!

“Truly feels like a little sleeping bag because of the way the zipper wraps around, helps my infant get to sleep quickly. Love the weight and the softness of the material. Shoulder snaps make it easy to get the baby inside.” - Katie

“This is the best sleep sack we’ve used! Trust me, we have tried them all. My little girl and I LOVE this sleep sack, we now have 2! The material is SO SOFT and cool to the touch. I love that I can get her in and out of the sleep sack without pulling her arms through arm holes the adjustable shoulder buttons are fantastic. This sleep sack allows her to roll from her back to her belly and even sleep on her side, she is a very active sleeper. Another favorite thing of mine is the zipper location. My little girl HATES when the zipper pokes her under her chin, it would constantly wake her up in her other sleep sacs.” - Monique

“After using several sleep sacks, this was a game changer! Our baby started sleeping through the night with this sack. NO Zippers to poke them especially if they are old enough to roll over. The material literally feels like a cloud. 10/10 recommend buying this one.” - Marsana

“This sleep sack is so cozy. My baby is 10 weeks old and had transitioned from a swaddled but was struggling. Since starting to use this, she sleeps so well :) I can’t recommend this enough.” - Brooke

These are just a few of the countless stories parents like you have shared with us after taking a chance on our sleep sacks. We can’t wait to hear about what a difference our creation makes in your life!

Bringing Our Conversation on the Best Sleep Sacks for Newborn Babies to a Close

There is no denying what a difference having the best baby sleep sack can make for you as a parent. While you may be dreading the transition away from your bamboo swaddle blanket, you can make this process a bit easier by providing your little one with the best sleep sacks for newborn babies as an alternative!

And now that you know not only what separates the best toddler sleep sacks from the rest - but exactly where to find the best baby sleep sacks - there is only one thing left to do. Head over to our collection and see which one catches your eye first!

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While you’re at it, explore all the other amazing newborn accessories we have in store for you. That includes baby blankets, diaper changing pad covers, bamboo baby pajamas, personalized diaper bags, and more. And, you can explore our blog for helpful resources on topics like how many crib sheets you need, when can a toddler sleep with a blanket, how to swaddle a baby, and more.

Otherwise, there’s only one thing left to do - head over to Caden Lane and set yourself up for parenthood success with the best sleep sacks for babies!


What are the Best Sleep Sacks for Babies in 2023? ›

It's a good idea to use one until at least 12 months of age since a loose blanket can increase the risk of sleep-related injury or death. Feel free to continue using a sleep sack as long as it fits well and your child seems comfortable wearing it.

When should babies stop wearing sleep sacks? ›

It's a good idea to use one until at least 12 months of age since a loose blanket can increase the risk of sleep-related injury or death. Feel free to continue using a sleep sack as long as it fits well and your child seems comfortable wearing it.

How do I choose a baby sleep sack? ›

You want to make sure the sleep sack fits baby comfortably so that she's not too squished inside of the blanket , but not so loose that your baby could potentially kick it off or be smothered, says Dr. Kramer.

Do pediatricians recommend sleep sacks? ›

Yes. It is generally safe for infants to sleep in a sleep sack which allows their arms to be free and hips and legs to move once they start to roll over. This ensures that they are able to move about freely and can push themselves up when they start to roll over on their own.

Do doctors recommend sleep sacks? ›

AAP recommendations

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that parents stop swaddling as soon as their baby shows any signs of rolling over, making a sleep sack a viable choice.

What is the best sleep sack for babies who hate swaddles? ›

If your newborn doesn't like to be swaddled, a sleep sack / wearable blanket is a great option. The Dreamland Baby Weighted Sleep Swaddle is a sleep sack that has a removable swaddle arm – this helps make swaddling a breeze. It is designed to help your baby feel calm, fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

Do babies really need sleep sacks? ›

Sleep sacks are more than worth the expense if they help your baby sleep through the night and for longer stretches of time. Safety reasons alone make sleep sacks worth the purchase as they can help reduce the risks of SIDS by eliminating the need for any other blankets in the crib.

Do babies sleep better with or without sleep sacks? ›

Sleep sacks work because they keep your infant safe, warm, and comfortable so they can fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

Do sleep sacks help babies sleep better? ›

(1) Unweighted sleep sacks are safer for babies then blankets or quilts. (2) They keep babies warm by regulating their body temperature and helping to to sleep comfortably all night long.

Can babies overheat in sleep sack? ›

After ensuring baby can move freely in whatever sleep sack they're wearing, families should next ensure that baby cannot overheat due to wearing a sleep sack. Indeed, babies are at much higher risk of overheating than being too cold.

Do you put a onesie under a sleep sack? ›

It is most common to use a onesie, footie, romper, or two-piece pyjama sets under a baby sleep sack. Usually one layer of clothing under the appropriate TOG of the sleep sack is sufficient!

How do I know if my baby is cold at night? ›

How to tell if your baby is too cold or warm
  1. Their skin is blotchy or pale.
  2. Their arms, legs, or cheeks feel cool to the touch.
  3. Their chest or the back of their neck feel cool to the touch.
  4. They seem overly sleepy or are hard to rouse.
  5. They're extra fussy or keep waking frequently.
Nov 15, 2022

What are the negatives of sleep sacks? ›

Some babies are too active for sleep sacks

No matter how much you want your baby to stay put, babies love to move. This might make sleep sacks impractical. Even if you use a sack with Velcro wings to keep their arms in place, they might still wiggle their way out.

Can my baby sleep in just footie pajamas? ›

Dressing Your Newborn for Cold Weather Sleep

Pediatricians say that to help regulate baby's body temperature, you need clothing that keeps baby's arms, legs and feet covered. We think footed pajamas are an excellent choice for infants this age because of their convenient snaps and zippers.

Is the baby Merlin Magic Sleepsuit safe? ›

Is Baby Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit safe? Baby sleep is a very sensitive subject, and for good reason—safety is paramount. If you've heard whispers that the Magic Sleepsuit isn't safe, rest assured the brand says their product is perfectly safe, provided you follow all guidelines surrounding usage.

Why is swaddling not recommended anymore? ›

Some child care centers may have a policy against swaddling infants in their care. This is because of the increased risks of SIDS or suffocation if the baby rolls over while swaddled, in addition to the other risks of overheating and hip dysplasia.

Why are weighted sleep sacks no longer recommended? ›

“The recommendation against weighted swaddles and sleep sacks specifically is due to concerns that the weight on the chest can constrict chest movement and that the weight can both help infants get into and then be unable to get out of unsafe sleep positions,” said Dr.

What is the difference between sleep bag and sleep sack? ›

A sleep bag can be referred to as a sleep sack, or a wearable blanket. This replaces a loose blanket in the crib and is a safer alternative when your child is still at risk for SIDS (under a year old).

What is the best sleep sack for diaper change? ›

Best Sleep Sacks for Babies
  • HALO SleepSack.
  • KYTE BABY Bamboo Sleeping Bag.
  • Burt's Bees Baby Wearable Blanket.
  • Love To Dream Swaddle Up.
  • Baby Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit.
  • Woolino Merino Wool 4 Season Baby Sleep bag.
  • Posh Peanut Sleep Bag.
  • TEALBEE Dreamsuit.
Aug 29, 2022

Why are Halo sleep sacks so big? ›

The generous sack design allows room for kicking, but cannot be kicked off, so baby stays warm all night. The foot openings are made to slip over your child's feet for extra warmth while sleeping.

What is the warmest sleep sack for babies? ›

ergoPouch ergoPouch 2.5 Tog Winter Jersey Sleeping Bag

An all-time favorite of a few Babylist team member parents, this jersey sleeping bag features everything there is to love about a winter sleep sack. It's ultra-warm (2.5 TOG, to be exact), super soft and is made from 95% organic cotton with a hint of stretch.

How much room should baby have in sleep sack? ›

Should a sleep sack have room for the baby to grow into? A sleep sack should fit baby at her current weight and size. If it's too big, there's potential for extra material to bunch up around her face which can be hazardous. If however, there is some extra room in the foot area, that shouldn't be an issue.

How many sleep sacks do I need for a newborn? ›

Curious how many sleep sacks you need? While this really comes down to personal preference, on most baby registries you'll find that your newborn should have three to six sleep sacks in their wardrobe.

Is 74 degrees too hot for baby room? ›

You don't want your baby's room to be either too hot or too cold. It's recommended that the best temperature for babies is between 68 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit or 20 to 22 degrees Celsius. Babies are more sensitive to changes in room temperature because they're so small and their bodies are still growing.

What should baby wear to sleep 72 degrees? ›

68 - 72 degrees Fahrenheit:

This is the ideal room temperature for a sleeping baby. On the lower end of this temperature, we would suggest a footed sleeper or perhaps a onesie paired with socks.

How do I know if my baby is hot in bed? ›

How can I check if my baby is too hot? The best way to check on your baby's temperature is by putting your hand on the skin on their chest or the back of their neck. Don't use their hands or feet as a guide as they will always feel cooler than the rest of their body.

What is the ideal room temperature for a baby? ›

What Is the Ideal Temperature for a Sleeping Baby? Some studies have found that a room temperature between 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit. View Source may be comfortable for babies. Other recommendations range between 61 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit .

Do babies wake up if they feel cold? ›

The air in babe's room is too cold.

Even if babe is super warm, if they are breathing in cold air, it can wake them up. This is often the cause for early morning waking - as a baby who has gone to bed in a cold room wakes up as the temp drops suddenly in the early hours.

At what age can babies regulate their own temperature? ›

Did you know that babies cannot regulate their own body temperature until they are about 1.5 or 2 years old? In a recent poll of new parents, one subject that came up repeatedly was baby body temperature and figuring out whether they were too hot or too cold.

Should you put a onesie under baby pajamas? ›

The answer is yes, they do. However, it is not necessary to put an onesie under a sleeper. It is up to you to decide when you include all the factors that come into play. Hopefully, this article will help you decide how to dress your little one for a night of sleep.

Do babies need their feet covered at night? ›

Just like playing a lullaby or white noise helps little ones to relax, creating a cosy environment supports good sleep. Remember a baby's feet should be covered at night if they need and want them covered, you don't have to cover your baby's feet but it might benefit them and help them to relax.

How do you layer a baby for winter sleep? ›

  1. Your outer layer for babies out of the swaddle should be a sleep sack to keep her warm.
  2. You can get thick warm ones for winter.
  3. Cotton and wool materials are the most breathable and comfortable.
  4. Fleece can be cozy but runs the risk of overheating.

What is the best age to use Merlin sleep suit? ›

The Magic Sleepsuit is designed to be introduced when babies are transitioning out of the swaddle, typically around 3 months of age. Babies typically show signs that they are ready to move on from the swaddle.

When should baby stop wearing Magic Merlin? ›

When babies start to roll over in the Magic Sleepsuit, this is typically a sign that they are ready for more movement in their sleep, so should be transitioned out of the Magic Sleepsuit.

What age is baby Merlin for? ›

The Baby Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit is designed for babies ages 3–6 months (size small) and 6–9 months (size large). It's the perfect gift for babies who are about to transition out of traditional swaddles.

Are sleep sacks better than weighted sleep sacks? ›

Weighted sleep sacks are heavier than cotton sleep sacks. Overheating is a serious safety concern for babies, so if you use a weighted sleep sack, then dress your baby in lighter pajamas than you would with a typical sleep sack. You might even want to lower the temperature in your baby's room a degree or two.

What sleep sacks are safe for newborns? ›

Szugye. Sleep sacks can also be used by newborns. Just make sure the sizing is correct so the fabric doesn't go over their head. (It's always best to check manufacturer sizing guidelines.)

Do sleep sacks go over onesies? ›

Cozier Pajamas for Winter

In cold weather, you can dress your baby in footed pajamas and a wearable blanket, otherwise known as a sleep sack. You may want to combine multiple layers, such as a long-sleeved onesie together with a sleep sack. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends against using blankets.

Are Dreamland sacks safe? ›

Though weighted blankets are NOT safe for babies or toddlers under 2 years of age as they pose a suffocation risk, our weighted sack from Dreamland Baby is completely safe and will help your baby sleep better.

Do some babies hate sleep sacks? ›

Some babies don't ever enjoy any type of additional layers–swaddle or sleep sack–while they sleep. For these little ones, putting them to bed in just pajamas is a perfectly fine alternative to swaddling.

Do babies wear anything under sleep sacks? ›

It is most common to use a onesie, footie, romper, or two-piece pyjama sets under a baby sleep sack. Usually one layer of clothing under the appropriate TOG of the sleep sack is sufficient!

What are the cons of weighted sleep sacks? ›

On the other hand, weighted sleep sacks may interfere with breathing and with the baby's ability to move. If the baby flips over, it may be unable to flip back due to a weighted sack. This could lead to suffocation. In addition, sleeping sacks may cause overheating.


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