The Black Goldendoodle: 15 Things You May Not Know (2023)

Can Goldendoodles be black? AbsoDOODly! 🤩 Discover everything you’ve been wondering (and some surprises too) about the black Goldendoodle.

As a self-professed Goldendoodle crazy dog mom for almost nine years, I’ve gained my fair share of knowledge about these teddy bear dogs with slightly derpy personalities and silly antics. I’m always tracking down the latest news about Goldendoodles including the black Goldendoodle.

The Black Goldendoodle: 15 Things You May Not Know (1)

So, if your heart belongs to a black Goldendoodle or you have your sights set on adding a black Goldendoodle puppy to your pack, hold on to your dog leash!

You’re in for a treat as we discover everything you’ve been wondering about these adorable dogs.

Black Goldendoodle origin

First, let’s get a quick overview of the Goldendoodle dog. A hybrid breed or cross breed between the Poodle and the Golden Retriever, Goldendoodles are gaining in popularity as friendly, intelligent family companions.

Goldendoodles are not purebred dogs. They may have a purebred Poodle as one parent and a purebred Golden Retriever as the other parent.

The Black Goldendoodle: 15 Things You May Not Know (2)

Or, they may be some mix of the Poodle and Golden Retriever breeds. In other words, they may have a Goldendoodle as one parent and a Poodle as the other parent. Or, they may have two Goldendoodles as parents.

Since Goldendoodles are not purebred dogs, they are not on the American Kennel Club (AKC) registry. That’s why, unlike the the purebred Poodle and purebred Golden Retriever, you won’t find an AKC Goldendoodle. There is no such thing.

The Black Goldendoodle: 15 Things You May Not Know (3)

But Doodle moms and dads don’t seem to care. Nor do they care that the media call these lovable, comical dogs “hybrids” or “crossbreeds” or “mutts.” In fact, most Goldendoodle parents refer to their teddy bear dogs as “family members.”

And like family members, every Goldendoodle is unique. You’ve probably seen all sorts of Goldendoodles trotting around neighborhoods—minis, giants, curly coated puppers, etc. From coat color to size, the Poodle and Golden Retriever parent heritage brings variety to the Goldendoodle breed, including variety in coat color.

15 things you may not know about the black Goldendoodle

So without further a-dood-le 😉, let’s discover 15 things about the black Goldendoodle that may make you say “P’awwww.”

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1. Black is a less common Goldendoodle coat color.

If you’ve been researching Goldendoodles, you’ve probably seen many cream Goldendoodles. But black Goldendoodles? Probably less so. There is a reason why the black Goldendoodle is less common than their white and cream counterparts—and it’s a logical one.

The Black Goldendoodle: 15 Things You May Not Know (4)

If you look at the coat color of the parent breeds (the Poodle and the Golden Retriever), the Golden Retriever heritage doesn’t bring a black coat color to the mix. Golden Retriever coat colors are variations of dark golden, golden, and light golden.

Logic (i.e. genetics) tell us that there will be more cream Goldendoodles since the Golden Retriever isn’t a black-coated dog. So where do black Goldendoodles get their night sky, inky, jet black coat color?

Let’s look at the Poodle parent breed to discover our next fact…

2. The black Goldendoodle gets its coat color from the Poodle side of the family.

So, we’ve established that Goldendoodles can be black. But how? The Poodle heritage is the key.

The black Goldendoodle gets its coat color from the Poodle side of the family. As a purebred, Poodles come in a variety of colors that are established as part of the breed standard.

According to the AKC, Poodle coat colors can be apricot, brown, red, white, gray, cream, white, silver, and black.

Since the Golden Retriever brings various shades of gold to the mix but not black, it’s the power of the Poodle that gives us the black Goldendoodle.

The chart below shows how the colors play out with the Poodle and Golden Retriever parent breeds.

Dark GoldenBlack ✅
Light GoldenCream

With this visual in mind, you can see two things:

1. The Poodle side of the Goldendoodle family has almost a rainbow of coat colors.

2. The black Goldendoodle gets its coat color from the Poodle side of the family.

To understand how, let’s move on to our next point: generations of Goldendoodles.

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3. Generations of Goldendoodles like F1b are more likely to produce black Goldendoodles.

Genetics tell us that producing a black Goldendoodle is more likely when both parents have genes for the black coat color. This is why it’s more likely that black Goldendoodles will be F1B Goldendoodles, meaning that one parent is a Poodle and the other is a Goldendoodle. Or they are more likely to be F2 Goldendoodles, meaning that both parents are Goldendoodles.

Now that we’ve established how Goldendoodles get their black coats, you may have seen more black LABRAdoodles trotting around your neighborhood than black Goldendoodles. This gets us to our next point.

4. Black Labradoodles and black Goldendoodles are easily mistaken.

Is that a black Goldendoodle? Black Labradoodle? Which?

The Black Goldendoodle: 15 Things You May Not Know (5)

Black Goldendoodles and black Labradoodles are easily mistaken for each other. But there is a difference.

A Labradoodle is a hybrid breed between a Labrador Retriever and a Poodle. As mentioned earlier, a Goldendoodle is a hybrid between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle.

This is interesting because the purebred Labrador Retriever coat color can be golden, cream, OR black. This is unlike the Golden Retriever heritage (remember, all gold coat colors).

Therefore, a Labrador Retriever and Poodle parent both bring black coat colors to the genetic party! Here’s a side-by-side comparison of coat Labrador Retriever and Poodle coat colors:

Black ✅Black ✅
The Black Goldendoodle: 15 Things You May Not Know (6)

5. A black Goldendoodle’s coat color may lighten with age.

Like my own red Goldendoodle who has gained a sprinkling of white in her red coat during adulthood, the black Goldendoodle coat color may lighten over time. Again, the coat color change goes back to the Poodle heritage. Some Poodles change color dramatically as they mature and others stay closer to their puppy coat color.

6. Black Goldendoodles, like all Goldendoodles, need consistent grooming and brushing.

Have you heard that Goldendoodles have coats that are easy to care for? If so, it’s a myth! While there are exceptions (i.e. Goldendoodles who have coats that are flat or very Golden Retriever-ish), the majority of adult Goldendoodles have coat types that require frequent brushing and combing to avoid matting.

The Black Goldendoodle: 15 Things You May Not Know (7)

That’s why many Goldendoodle owners opt for keeping the coats trimmed shorter. You may see black Goldendoodle haircuts ranging from shaved down to long and wavy. Some Goldendoodle parents opt to keep maintenance to a minimum by keeping the hair trimmed very short. Other Goldendoodle parents visit a groomer every six weeks to keep the longer coats maintained and mat free.

Now that we’ve got a pretty good look at the Goldendoodle’s coat color and grooming requirements, let’s see why you may have noticed black Goldendoodles ranging in size from pint-sized pups to giant lap setters. Next, let’s look at the range in size of black Goldendoodles.

7. A full grown black Goldendoodle can range in size from mini to standard.

You’re at the park and you see a black Goldendoodle that’s mini and then another that’s almost the size of a small horse. What’s up with that?

Can black Goldendoodles vary in size that much? Turns out yes.

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Again, the reason there is so much variation in size can be credited to the Poodle heritage. Since the AKC breed standard for the Poodle breed includes three sizes—standard, miniature, and toy—the black Goldendoodle size can vary too.

According Goldendoodles of North America (GANA), there are four sizes of Goldendoodles:

Petite Goldendoodle—25 pounds or less

Miniature Goldendoodle—26 to 35 pounds

Medium Goldendoodle—36 to 50 pounds

Standard Goldendoodle — over 51 pounds

While we’re on the topic of size, GANA also points out that the estimated size of a puppy at adulthood by a breeder is an educated guess. The final size of a Goldendoodle is determined after the puppy has become an adult!

8. Black Goldendoodles can inspire fun dog names.

So, by now you may be imagining holding a black Goldendoodle puppy in your arms. What would you name him or her? A black Goldendoodle name can be anything from clever to cute to beautiful. Here are a few ideas to help you name your black Goldendoodle puppy…

Midnight Oreo
Coco 🏆Shadow
Coal Pepper 🏆
Indigo Caviar
InkyBear 🏆

Looking for popular black Goldendoodle names? The dog names above with a trophy 🏆 were sited by as some of the most popular Goldendoodle names.

9. A black and white Goldendoodle is one type of “parti” Goldendoodle.

Life is always a party when you have a Goldendoodle! 🥳 But when we’re talking “parti Goldendoodles” specifically, we’re actually talking about a type of coat that has two colors. The term “parti Goldendoodle” refers to a Goldendoodle that has a black and white coat or a brown and white coat.

The Black Goldendoodle: 15 Things You May Not Know (8)
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10. It’s harder to see the quick on a dog’s black toenails.

If you’re new to dog parenting, you may not have given much thought to clipping a dog’s toenails. Just like humans, our furry pals need their nails trimmed regularly. Also, you may be interested to know that many people dread trimming dog toenails, especially dark toenails because you cannot see the quick—the dog’s blood and nerve supply.

If you cut the quick, it’s not only messy but it can hurt your dog. He or she will remember and may fear future nail trims.

That’s why, for all Goldendoodle puppies, it’s important to start gentling handling the paws as part of your daily care routine. Keep it positive with lots of happy talk and praise. This will help your puppy get comfortable having the paws touched.

Also, if your black Goldendoodle puppy has dark toenails, never fear! There are many resources to help you learn how to trim dark toenails. (I took an online course on cutting black dog nails.) You may also choose to have your dog’s toenails trimmed by a groomer or veterinarian.

11. Photographing a black Goldendoodle can be a bit tricky.

Planning a photo session for your dog’s Instagram? If you love taking photos of your puppy, you may have found that capturing your adorable black Goldendoodle dog’s good looks isn’t exactly easy.

Black Goldendoodles can look super stunning when the lighting is right. But if not, the coat color, texture, and highlights can all blend together. This makes black fur one of the harder dog coat colors to capture with a camera.

Especially for our black Goldendoodles with furry faces, capturing the happy glint in their eyes can be challenging. One hack is to use natural lighting (outdoor lighting) when the sun is lower in the sky. Midday sun casts particularly harsh shadows, so choose morning or evening sun.

Then use a treat or squeaky ball held upward to attract your dog’s attention and allow the light to catch your dog’s bright eyes as you snap the pic. Tips like these can help you quickly learn how to take cute photos of your dog.

The Black Goldendoodle: 15 Things You May Not Know (9)

12. Some black Goldendoodles become therapy dogs.

Black Goldendoodles—like all Goldendoodles—may have the demeanor to become therapy dogs. While I couldn’t find any statistics on the number of Goldendoodles who are therapy dogs, there are plenty of examples daily in the news. Goldendoodles are working in schools, nursing homes, hospitals, and even dentists offices providing comfort and companionship to humans.

13. Mud that collects on paws doesn’t show up as much on black Goldendoodles.

Muddy puppy paws are “fur real” when you have a fluffy Goldendoodle! Since a Goldendoodle’s paws tend to be fluffy, they also tend to collect dirt and mud when outdoors. Fortunately, black Goldendoodles don’t show the mud and dirt like their lighter cream Goldendoodle counterparts.

14. Goldendoodle health and temperament trumps everything else.

Of course, while it’s fun to think about coat colors, your dog’s good health and happiness are #1.

Choosing a reputable Doodle breeder who cares about the future of the Goldendoodle breed and who places the upmost importance on temperament and good health is primary. Unfortunately, unscrupulous breeders will breed without regard to health and genetics, among other things.

That’s why it’s so important to find a reputable breeder who focuses on health and temperament first. (Or adopt from a reputable shelter.) After all, we want our puppies to grow into healthy adults and then become senior Goldendoodles living happily along beside us.

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15. Black Goldendoodles have “golden” personalities.

Cream. Red. Parti. Black. Goldendoodles—no matter the coat color—tend to have happy-go-lucky, friendly personalities that make them suitable for most families. With the proper amount of love, attention, and care, they will fill your heart and home with love.

Enjoy tail wagging happiness with your pupper

Now that you know that Goldendoodles can have black coat colors and many other amazing qualities, you may be weighing all the Goldendoodle pros and cons before you bring a Muppet dog into your pack.

No matter what dog you choose, we wish you endless love and tail waggy happiness together. Thanks for stopping by and joining us as we live the Goldendoodle lifestyle with our lovable, comical Doodle dogs.


Are black Goldendoodles rare? ›

Are black Goldendoodles rare? As mentioned above – yes, they are very rare! There is an increase chance to get a black Goldendoodle if they are bred in the second or third generation. If a black Goldendoodle parent is crossed with a black Poodle, the offspring will nearly always be all black.

What to know about black Goldendoodles? ›

They are gentle and blend the best qualities of Poodles and Golden Retrievers into one warm fuzzy package. They are also intelligent and playful, making them even more popular with families looking for all-round, family-friendly dogs.

What is the behavior of a black Goldendoodle? ›

Yes, a black Goldendoodle is known for having a good temperament. They are also highly intelligent and eager to please their owners, making them an excellent choice for families. As well as, typically well-mannered and gentle with children.

What is the rarest color Goldendoodle? ›

The rarest Goldendoodle colors are blue, gray, and silver, resulting from multi-generational breeding, like a second-generation Goldendoodle (a.k.a. an F2 Goldendoodle). What is this? Apart from these solid colors of the Goldendoodle puppy coat, two of the rarest patterns are parti and phantom.

How long do black Goldendoodles live? ›

On average, the lifespan of a Goldendoodle is 10-15 years. Doodles bred from smaller-stature Poodles tend to live longer than those bred from Standard Poodles.

What is the lifespan of a black Goldendoodle? ›

Goldendoodle lifespan is around 10 to 15 years and is inherited from their golden retriever and poodle parent breeds. Golden retrievers tend to have a slightly shorter life span of 10 to 12 years, while poodles average around 12 to 15 years.

How do you train a black Goldendoodle? ›

Use Positive Reinforcement

While positive reinforcement may take more patience, it's ultimately more rewarding and pleasant for you and your doodle. To make the most of this method, reward your pooch for good behavior and ignore bad behavior. Treats, verbal praise, and clicker training reward them for a job well done.

Can Goldendoodles be left alone? ›

Goldendoodles are one of the most sociable and friendly dog breeds, but they are also adaptable; you can leave a Goldendoodle alone without worry.

Are black Goldendoodles easy to train? ›

Black Goldendoodles are highly excitable dogs by nature. They love spending time around people and other animals alike and are so affectionate and gentle. Black Goldendoodles are keen to please which makes them pretty easy to train. They are also relatively easy to care for.

Is a Goldendoodle an indoor dog or about? ›

The answer is YES! This is a breed that thrives on companionship and being close to his humans. He is low-shedding and exceptionally trainable. As breeders, we emphasize that our Goldendoodles must be kept as an indoor pet.

What is the intelligence of a Goldendoodle? ›

In general, all Goldendoodles tend to be quick learners, great at intuiting human emotion, and have loving dispositions. You could say that they go to the head of the class when it comes to canine intelligence.

Why do Goldendoodles stare? ›

Just as humans stare into the eyes of someone they adore, dogs will stare at their owners to express affection. In fact, mutual staring between humans and dogs releases oxytocin, known as the love hormone. This chemical plays an important role in bonding and boosts feelings of love and trust.

What's the most expensive Goldendoodle? ›

The cost of a Golden doodle may be in a wide range depending on the type of breeder, physical features, age, gender, location, etc. You could find one for as low as $2,000 or as high as $4000 when you opt for a reputable breeder who is knowledgeable about the breed and its health.

Do all black Goldendoodles turn silver? ›

Yes, black Goldendoodles will lighten over time in most cases. Their coat will not change to a different color altogether, but most owners of black Goldendoodles will see a noticeable coat change in time. There are black and white Goldendoodles also – which will also see a lightening in the coat over time.

Is Goldendoodle the smartest dog? ›

According to neuropsychologist Stanley Coren in his book The Intelligence of Dogs, the poodle is the second-smartest dog breed, while golden retrievers are the fourth. This makes the combination of the two breeds among the smartest crossbreeds recently imagined.

What are the mental issues with Goldendoodles? ›

Goldendoodle issues can include:

Aggression. Boredom. Destructive behaviors like mouthing, nipping, chewing. Difficulty in house training.

What is the leading cause of death in Goldendoodles? ›

Cancer appears to be one the main causes of death for goldendoodles, as golden retrievers are one of the main breeds known to suffer from the disease. However, heart disease and bloat are also common causes.

Why is my black Goldendoodle turning white? ›

Sometimes, the reason your dog's fur is turning white is a condition call vitiligo. Vitiligo is a rare skin condition that can cause pigment loss in certain patches of skin and fur. While the causes of vitiligo are unknown, many scientists believe that the condition is hereditary.

Are black Goldendoodles more Poodle? ›

Genetics tell us that producing a black Goldendoodle is more likely when both parents have genes for the black coat color. This is why it's more likely that black Goldendoodles will be F1B Goldendoodles, meaning that one parent is a Poodle and the other is a Goldendoodle.

Can Goldendoodles swim? ›

Yes! All sizes of Goldendoodle can swim. The endurance and time that a miniature, toy or teacup Goldendoodle can swim is less than larger dogs. But mini Goldendoodle like the water and can be safely introduced to pools, beaches, lakes and boating.

Why is my black Goldendoodle turning gray? ›

Do black Goldendoodles change color? It is possible for a Black Goldendoodle to inherit the dilute gene (also known as melanophilin gene (MLPH)). This gene causes the dilution of the black genes, turning black fur to a “blue” or a gray color.

How do you discipline a Goldendoodle? ›

Lightly Scolding / Verbally Punishing Your Doodle in the Moment Works Best. Timing is everything when it comes to disciplining a dog. Many popular older methods of training a doodle used harsh physical punishment and/or punishment after the fact (i.e. rubbing a dog's nose in a potty accident).

Why does my Goldendoodle keep peeing in the house? ›

Urinary Tract Issues

If your dog suddenly starts peeing in the house (or other unacceptable places), it could be caused by a urinary tract infection.1 This is one of the most common reasons for inappropriate urination and one of the most frequently seen health problems in dogs.

How often should you walk a Goldendoodle puppy? ›

Puppies through the first two years of life will crave more exercise time. So, aim for at least 15-30 minutes of exercise three times a day. But, as they age, this exercise time will change from playing catch and soccer to a gentle stroll around the block. Lastly, each Goldendoodle has their own personality.

How long can a Goldendoodle hold their bladder? ›

A young dog can hold their pee for up to 10-12 hours if needed, but that doesn't mean that they should. The average adult dog should be allowed to relieve itself at least 3-5 times per day. That's at least once every 8 hours.

What do Goldendoodles do all day? ›

They do best with daily walks or outdoor play sessions to fill their physical fitness needs and, because both of their parent breeds are friendly and highly intelligent, goldendoodles are ideal for families with small children, first-time dog owners, and as emotional support animals.

Do Goldendoodles like to live with other dogs? ›

Socializing Is Good. Goldendoodles are naturally curious, friendly dogs and calm around humans and, like their parent breeds, most are also fine around other dogs. This is especially true of professionally raised Goldendoodles that have lived around their littermates for at least the first eight weeks of life.

Is it hard to crate train a Goldendoodle? ›

The first few days can be extremely difficult, but your consistency will pay off. Many owners find it difficult to be consistent because of their worry that their dog is miserable with crate training and, true enough, the puppies can sound really pitiful in there.

Are Goldendoodles hard to potty train? ›

Potty training, even the most obedient Goldendoodle puppy, can be quite an arduous process. You will, therefore, need to be prepared for what is ahead. This will require a lot of patience on your part. Keep in mind that timing is a critical aspect of this type of training.

Do Goldendoodles learn fast? ›

Goldendoodles are smart dogs and quick learners. They remember training and commands with little effort. They're also a loving and loyal dog breed. Doodle dogs are eager to please, and they love making their humans happy.

Can Goldendoodles see TV? ›

Dogs absolutely can see TV, and many seem to enjoy it.

Are girl or boy Goldendoodles calmer? ›

Females in general tend to be more on edge, more nervous and more reactive than males. Males, especially once they are neutered, are a lot more laid-back and calm. They tend to be more handler-focused and like food more.

Are Goldendoodles one person dogs? ›

Doodles and other similar people-oriented breeds tend to bond with all members of the household. It is generally quite easy to win their affection — a simple belly rub will often do the trick. However, while they show affection toward all members of the household, most dogs will still have their favorite person.

Can Goldendoodles sense danger? ›

So when it comes to Goldendoodles and Labradoodles, you can expect that they will be an overall alert, communicative breed, willing to alert you if they spot something strange. They are strongly people-oriented and intuitive and may have a “sixth sense” when it comes to their interactions with other people and animals.

What are the best traits of a Goldendoodle? ›

Goldendoodles are gentle and affectionate dogs with an easy-going temperament. They are extremely intelligent, and according to the Goldendoodle Association of North America, they score in the top 4 of the 150 smartest breeds. They have an extremely social personality and love to be with their fur parents.

What is typical Goldendoodle behavior? ›

Goldendoodles love people and also get along great with other pets, and they tend to be patient and gentle with young children — making them a fantastic choice for families. They are far too friendly to make good guard dogs or watchdogs and would more likely try to befriend a stranger than warn them off.

Can Goldendoodles sense sadness? ›

Based on this study, not only can dogs sense depression, but their ability to recognize emotional fluctuations in people and other dogs is natural or intrinsic.

Do Goldendoodles get jealous? ›

Jealousy is a negative emotion. It is closely associated with selfishness. It can manifest in your Goldendoodle if she is bored or feeling like someone or something is getting more attention than she is. Remember, she needs your attention.

Can Goldendoodles sense emotions? ›

Thanks to the numerous studies that have been conducted on this topic, it's safe to say that dogs can sense human emotions – especially those of their close human companions.

What is the most popular type of Goldendoodle? ›

F1B Goldendoodles

An F1B Goldendoodle is 25% Golden Retriever and 75% Poodle. This generation has become the most popular generational breed largely because F1B Goldendoodles are non-shedders most of the time.

What's more expensive F1 or F1B Goldendoodle? ›

Most breeders say that F1 goldendoodles cost more than F1B or F2, given their entirely purebred background.

What is the biggest Goldendoodle ever? ›

The height of a large Doodle will be around 22 to 26 inches and weight will be 75 lbs and up. The largest goldendoodles, I have personally seen was around 110 lbs although there aren't any real limitations to how large one can get. Here at Morning Glory Doodles our large Doodles average around 80 to 85 lbs.

Will my Goldendoodles nose stay black? ›

What is this? While most Goldendoodles are born with the cute black noses, they can turn to pink, brown, or liver colored.

What is a phantom Goldendoodle? ›

What does “phantom” mean? Phantom coloring is a rare and unique marking for Goldendoodles. If a dog has phantom coloring that means they are two different colors. But phantom coloring is more than just bringing two colors together. The secondary color must be in specific locations for a dog to be considered phantom.

Do chocolate Goldendoodles stay chocolate? ›

Chocolate Goldendoodles are born a dark chocolate color and, like Black, clear to Cafe au Lait or Silver Beige as adults please see the section on "Silvering" below). SILVERING can occur on both chocolate and black dogs.

Are Goldendoodles crazy dogs? ›

Goldendoodles are one of the dog breeds with the most excess energy. With intelligent, active golden retriever and poodle parents (and all that hybrid vigor), it's easy to see why. If you're worried that your doodle's high-energy behavior is on the verge of becoming undesirable behavior, it's time to take action ASAP.

Are Goldendoodles loyal? ›

Given their pedigree, Goldendoodles are naturally quick-witted and very loyal to their owners. Regardless if you already own this lovable breed or are thinking of adding one to your family, these amazing facts can give you an idea of why the Goldendoodle is a favorite among many dog lovers.

Do Goldendoodles smile? ›

For anyone needing a little cheering up, their happy demeanor will bring an instant smile to anyone's face.

Why are most Goldendoodles black? ›

Genetics tell us that producing a black Goldendoodle is more likely when both parents have genes for the black coat color. This is why it's more likely that black Goldendoodles will be F1B Goldendoodles, meaning that one parent is a Poodle and the other is a Goldendoodle.

Do black Goldendoodles turn gray? ›

Do black Goldendoodles change color? It is possible for a Black Goldendoodle to inherit the dilute gene (also known as melanophilin gene (MLPH)). This gene causes the dilution of the black genes, turning black fur to a “blue” or a gray color.

What color dogs are least adopted? ›

Most experienced shelter workers will tell you that black dogs are often adopted less than any other coat color. Be it black Labrador Retrievers, Shepherds, Rottweilers, etc., they are often passed over by potential adopters. This discrepancy in adoptions is referred to as “Black Dog Syndrome.”

What is the hardest color a dog can see? ›

Dogs do see colors, but the colors are neither as rich nor as many as those seen by humans. Dogs may see green, yellow, and orange as yellowish, and violet and blue as blue. The color red is more difficult for dogs to see.

What is special about a Goldendoodle? ›

Known for being happy, friendly, and intelligent, Goldendoodles are easy to train. They're also very gentle and devoted to their family, including its younger members. This gregarious breed will charm the pants off your guests, and will eagerly take part in family activities.

Will black doodle stay black? ›

Will a black Goldendoodle coat change over time? Yes, black Goldendoodles will lighten over time in most cases. Their coat will not change to a different color altogether, but most owners of black Goldendoodles will see a noticeable coat change in time.


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