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Google Pixel smartphones are known for their advanced features, latest software, and reliable performance. However, like other smartphones, they are also prone to system issues. A common issue that haunts all smartphone users is their phones stuck at the boot screen. If you are also facing the “Google Pixel stuck on Google screen” issue, you are at the right place.

In this article, you will learn why your Google Pixel is stuck on the G screenand how to solve this problem. It will list down 6 solutions and their detailed process to help you. A few preventive measures to avoid having such issues are also a part of this discussion.

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    • Part 1: What Causes Google Pixel Screen Stuck on Boot?
    • Part 2: 6 Solutions to Solve Google Pixel Screen Stuck on Boot
    • Part 3: How to Avoid Google Pixel Screen Stuck on Boot?

    Part 1: What Causes Google Pixel Screen Stuck on Boot?

    Multiple issues can cause the Google Pixel screen to get stuck on the boot. It can be an issue with boot settings, or buggy app, or a hardware issue. In most cases, software issues are responsible for a Pixel being stuck on a Google screen. Explained below are a few common causes for Google Pixel screen stuck on boot:

    • Malware Attacks:It is possible that malware in your Pixel has affected the device boot settings, which is causing it to get stuck on the G screen. The boot settings are essential for a phone to boot properly. Otherwise, it will stay stuck on the boot screen.
    • Lack of Storage:The OS of a phone needs at least 10% of its storage space to be free to work without issues. If the free space on your Google Pixel device is less than 10%, it will start having a system issue. Your device getting stuck at the boot can indicate a severe storage space shortage.
    • Water Damage:Smartphones are not water resistant and can be seriously damaged if exposed to too much water. Once the water has seeped into the device's internal hardware, it can wreak havoc on your device leading to Pixel stuck at Google screen issues.
    • Outdated OS:An outdated operating system can also cause your phone to get stuck while rebooting. Not updating your mobile’s OS also leads to an accumulation of bugs and glitches. They later start conflicting with OS processors and cores functions causing system issues in the device.

    Part 2: 6 Solutions to Solve Google Pixel Screen Stuck on Boot

    You do not need to worry after reading the reasons as there is also enough solution to tackle each of the above-mentioned problems. Some of these solutions are specific, while others are comprehensive. This article has selected 6 most comprehensive and quick solutions to resolve your issue:

    Solution 1: Force Restart

    Force restarting your Google Pixel is the first fix you should try when resolvingGoogle Pixel Stuck on G Screen. Doing it will resolve any temporary bug or glitch conflicting with your phone’s boot settings. It will also refresh your device’s processors. Using this fix will cause no data loss in your Google Pixel. Here is how you can force restart your Pixel device:

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    Instruction:Press and hold the “Power” button for 30 seconds to force restart your Google Pixel smartphone.

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    Solution 2: Leave the Phone and Let the Battery Drain Completely

    Don’t want to force restart your Google Pixel device? You can also leave your device alone for a while and let the battery end. It is especially helpful if the mobile battery is already low. If your Google Pixel is fully charged, you will need to wait longer. Once the phone has been turned off due to no battery, plug it into the power and let it charge.

    You should let the device charge for a reasonable time. When your Google Pixel is appropriately charged, turn it on using the “Power” button. Afterward, check if your “Pixel 5 stuck on Google logo” issue is resolved.

    Solution 3: Check Storage and Clear Space

    Low Storage space on your Google Pixel phone can cause the phone to get stuck on the Google screen. Smartphones have limited space, and they can get full easily. Your device’s OS need at least 10% space to execute most processes and functions. Thus, a lack of storage space can cause an issue likePixel 4A stuck on a Google screen. Follow these steps to check Storage and clear space in your phone:

    Step 1:Access the “Settings” of your Google Pixel phone and navigate to “Storage.” Press it to check the storage status of your phone.

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    Step 2:To clear some space, select “Free Up Space” and select the data you want to delete. Once you have deleted the files, remove them from “Trash,” too.

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    Solution 4: Check for Software or Apps Updates

    Pixel phones stuck on Google screencan also happen due to the lack of updates on your phone regarding OS and apps. Not updating your phone’s OS or apps deteriorate the performance of your device. The older a software or app, the slower it becomes due to the accumulation of bugs. That’s why you should update your Google Pixel’s OS and apps using these steps:

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    For Software/OS

    Step 1:Launch the Google Pixel Settings on your device and scroll to the bottom to find “System.” Select it, and on the next screen, tap “System Update.”

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    Step 2:If there is a system update available, it will show here. Next, follow the instructions available on your screen to download and install system updates.

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    For Apps

    Step 1:Navigate to Google Play Store and open it. After this, access the “Profile” options from the top right corner and select “Manage apps and device.”

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    Step 2:Here press “See details” from the “Updates Available” section and find the targeted apps. Now, hit the “Update” button to update your desired app.

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    Solution 5: Using Dr.Fone – System Repair (Android)

    If the general solutions given above haven’t worked so far, the best way to fix Google Pixel stuck on the Google screenis to use a professional tool. The best tool currently available to repair Android system issues is Dr.Fone – System Repair (Android). This tool provides you with the safest way to resolve the stuck-on boot issue from your Pixel.

    It will only take a few moments to restore your Pixel phone to its original state. Your phone will be completely safe during the repair process. This tool supports Android devices with Android 2.1 and above. Use the following steps to repair your Pixel phone via Dr.Fone – System Repair:

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    Step 1: Access Wondershare Dr.Fone on Your System

    After launching Dr.Fone app on your computer, click “System Repair,” and on the next window, choose “Android Repair.” Here, press “Start” and connect your Pixel phone to the computer.

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    Step 2: Provide the Details of Your Google Pixel Phone

    Now, you will be asked to add the details of your device, like brand, name, mode, etc. Enter all required details correctly and confirm it by using the “000000” code. Next, turn off your device to put it into “Download Mode.”

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    Step 3: Activate Download Mode on Your Google Pixel

    • For devices with the "Home" button, press and hold the "Home," "Volume Down," and "Power" buttons for 10 seconds. Now release these buttons and press the "Volume Up" button to activate Download Mode.
    • Users without "Home" button devices need to press and hold the "Volume Down," "Bixby," and "Power" buttons for 10 seconds. Next, release all three buttons and press the "Volume Up" button to enter Download Mode.

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    Step 4: Complete the Google Pixel Stuck on Boot Repair Process

    With the Download Mode active, click “Next” to allow the program to download device firmware. It will repair your device once the firmware has been downloaded and verified.

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    Solution 6: Post Your Question to a Google Forum

    Your last resort to finding a solution to fix the Google Pixel 3a Stuck on the Google screenis to access the Google forums. It is an online community of Google Pixel users where they post their issues. If you post your question or problem, it is likely that someone will you out. Use this linkto post your issues on Google forums.

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    Part 3: How to Avoid Google Pixel Screen Stuck on Boot?

    When you have resolved the Google Pixel 5 stuck on the G screen, you need to ensure it doesn’t happen again. The reason is if the general fixes don't work, you will have to sacrifice your phone data to get access back to your phone. Thus, you should follow these tips to avoid similar issues in the future:

    • Up-To-Date OS:Ensure your Google Pixel phone is running the latest version of Android. System updates often include bug fixes and security patches to help you avoid Pixel stuck on the Google screen.
    • Official Apps: Download and install apps only from the Google Play Store on your Pixel. Avoid installing apps from unknown or unverified sources at all costs. Even if you need an app outside of the Google Play Store, get it from the official website.
    • Clean Malware:Keep your Pixel phone free of malware. Avoid using suspicious websites or clicking untrusted links. Ensure you have properly set up your device so that no third-party app or website can bypass it.
    • Free Storage:Be careful with the number of apps you install and the amount of storage space you use. Overloading your phone with too many apps or data will slow down your device and make it prone to system issues.
    • Fone For Phone Management:Use Wondershare Dr.Fone to manage and protect your phone data. With it, you will be able to keep your Google Pixel free of all issues. It also has numerous other features to ensure you won’t require another tool.

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    In a nutshell, avoiding 100% system issues on a smartphone is not possible. The best way is to minimize the risk and prepare for a worst-case scenario. In the case of a Google Pixel stuck on a Google screen, you need to have a reliable tool in your arsenal. Wondershare Dr.Fone – System Repair (Android) is the best tool to resolve such issues.


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